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Bass Player, Audio Engineer, and Producer for hire!

With over 30 years of gigging experience, a formal education from Berklee College of Music, and a true passion for making good music great. Chucho Suarez can provide decades of experience and expertise to help you craft your sound. Whichever of his services fit you needs you know you are getting quality attention at a quality price. Chucho Suarez served 21 years in the United States Navy, and found his love of leadership and development would easily mesh with his passion for music. With a steady pension from his previous career he is less worried about profit and more interested in getting the Artist to realise their full potential. 



Interdisciplinary Music Studies
Berklee College of Music

The music industry is undergoing enormous change, and as a result, musicians increasingly need knowledge of, and skills in, a number of different areas in order to succeed in their career. The Interdisciplinary Music Studies major provides coursework across a number of disciplines. Includes three courses in both music business and technology, in addition to a series of core music and liberal arts courses. With additional courses in music production, composition, arranging, songwriting, and performance.


Bass Player:

‣ Thiasus

‣ Wreckin’ Machine

‣ The Massacres

‣ Ranger and The Re-Arrangers

‣ Sinclair Swing

‣ Hot Club of Bremerton

‣ Multiple freelance substitution gigs


Audio Engineering:

‣ The Manette Saloon

‣ Freelance

‣ Volunteer Lights and Sound at The Jewelbox Theater

Key Markets:

‣ Chicago, IL

‣ Seattle, WA 

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